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KMS Style Color Nude Peach

KMS - Style Color Nude Peach

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KMS STYLECOLOR – the first temporary spray-on color by KMS.


KMS Style Color Nude Peach

This washable hair color gives you the chance to change your hair color like you change your clothes. It’s easy to apply and easy to remove and it won’t come off unexpectedly - plus plus it's waterproof and pillow-friendly.

It's a new approach to temporary hair color– encouraging you to push boundaries.

  • Allows you to experiment with different hair colors, without obligation.
  • Works perfectly with hot tools.
  • Creates a flexible, ultra-thin layer for a lightweight finish and results in all hair color tones.


  • Polysilicone-9 - water repellent sealing compound
  • Iron Oxides - color providing pigments

How To

  • Shake for 6-10 clicks before spraying – this helps ensure an even application. Spray approximately 6/15 cm from the head onto dry hair.
  • For best results spray STYLECOLOR in small bursts in a continuous motion, rather than a long straight spray.
  • Wait for the hair to dry, then comb. The intensity can be increased by applying more product.

*Results may vary when used with oil-based products.

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